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What is SEO?


What is the best SEO company in Mohali?


SEO Company in Mohali

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEOs means "optimizing websites" and SERPs for their search engine classification. For online marketing, it's a strategy and technology that helps search engines find and rank your website higher than millions of other sites in response to a search query.

SEO useful for your business

Why is SEO useful for your business?

  • Generate Traffic: SEO and search-friendly web design helps bring visitors to your website.
  • Achieve higher rankings: Research has shown that approximately 85% of websites are found using search engines. SEO helps build your presence on the first page of search engines.

  • Consumer Consensus: Consumers trust and rely on high-level websites returned by search engines.

  • More revenue: More visitors can lead to more leads and revenue.


Let's talk about the best SEO company in Mohali

STRAIC is a leading SEO company in Mohali and has an experienced and productive team that satisfies customers in all areas of digital marketing and SEO. We have a number of strategies to improve your business and will put you at the top of SERP.

We provide the best search engine optimization (SEO) services in Mohali, for example keyword analysis, content writing, competitor analysis, directory submission and link building, etc. Strategy and appropriate efforts make us different from others.

Our team is committed to learning the inputs and outputs of your business, your overall goals and what makes your business a sign. We've acquired technical teams with excellent skills to develop the ideal marketing strategies for effective search engine optimization results. Our experts analyse the market strategy and then provide a friendly SEO site to the customer who directs the online market.

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about the best SEO company in Mohali

The Services we offer at STRAIC- SEO company in Mohali:

At STRAIC we take a full look at search engine optimization services and customize them to your specific needs and priorities by focusing on the ever-changing search environment. We offer a range of services that we create in our exclusive SEO offerings:

  • Backlink Analysis and Link Removals
     We will detect toxic background links that prevent you from succeeding and develop tactical methods to remove and restore back links.
  • Website analysis services
    Now you have to know where you are to find out where to go. We'll help you measure your efforts online, which is an integral part of all programs.
  • Onsite SEO Audit
    This is a very technical check that checks the health of the SEO site from your core web pages. You'll learn practical steps to help improve the performance of search engine optimizers.
  • Keyword Research and canonical maps
    The keyword strategic search feature reveals the best keywords your customers use today, increasing relevancy on your site.
  • Automation SEO Analysis
    Automation can be difficult for SEO. We'll help you understand how automated search and marketing can work together to maximize success
  • Local Research and Citations Audits
    By targeting your customers and prospects with specific local keywords, we make your traffic and traffic more visible.


Our Team

With decades of experience, the SEO team consists of technical experts with expertise in many areas. At STRAIC we are ready to face even the most difficult problems, from local search and offsite SEO to technical SEO and marketing automation. We do not intend to develop the search engine in a vacuum, we get all the opinions and diagnose problems through viable solutions that lead to results.

We understand your business plan and help you strengthen it. Our mission is to provide ROI. Our unique strategies add value to our customers by increasing traffic to their websites. We strive to help you succeed in today's competitive world, separating us from high quality and timely service and dedicated business protocol.

Our Team

Our Goals

Our Goals

Experts at STRAIC- SEO Company in Mohali believe in comprehensive and technical SEO services for the customers. For us, improving search is more than finding your site on top search engines like Google. It's about finding the best traffic to maximize your company's conversions and profits.

Our organization stems from our ability to remain at the forefront of industry trends, to develop our internal thought leaders, and to constantly educate our customers as well as ourselves. We work with business owners to weigh real-world business issues and technical aspects of research. With every audit, report or consultation we do, you'll get rid of executable items that will help you meet your most important SEO needs.


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The qualities that make us Different:

Offering the best search engine optimization (SEO) services in Mohali, STRAIC together with its professional team, ensures the highest level of organic search (outstanding results) on the website or webpage. Researched SEO techniques allow customers to get the highest rankings and frequent search results; this increases the number of visitors to the site, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions. Local searches, videos, photos, academic, news, sectoral searches, etc.

make us Different

Our strengths that make us the Best SEO Company in Mohali include:

  • SEO Ethics: We use SEO's ethical strategy that includes only in-page and off-page optimization. Apart from SEO, in link building strategy, you create links to good sites. We don't follow immoral tricks.

  • Search Analysis: Having your website in search engine optimization is very important. User-friendly or not? Is the content of high quality? Our experts analyse the whole place and content. We do high quality content in Mohali, which makes us the best SEO service to make the user easy to use and write the site. Keywords are very important factors in online marketing. We'll deeply search for the right keywords for your business and then do the job.

  • Honesty: Our company's policy is honesty. We do not use unethical tactics and strategies that do not comply with Google's guidelines. We deliver the projects we commit on time. The secretariat and our efforts make you strong in the online marketplace by offering you the best search engine optimization (SEO) service in Mohali.

  • Reporting: All the work we do in your project will be done before you. We follow customers through regular communication and present our completed work reports. We regularly notify customers about Google updates.


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Benefits of working with STRAIC:

  • Guaranteed results
  • Package pocket friendly

  • In-depth experience for the SEO industry

  • Global Access

  • Personal solution

  • On-time Delivery
working with STRAIC


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