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App Development Company in Chandigarh

Know About Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is a process of creating software code which runs on any mobile device by using a network connection that works with remote computing resources.
Today, mobile apps play critical role in several businesses, from marketing to sales of products and services. It is vital for the success of the business. This is the reason that small and large organizations are concentrating on developing their mobile app. The Mobile App Development helps the start-up companies to flourish and sustain in the competitive environment.

The Question is:

Best App Development Company

Which is the Best App Development Company in Chandigarh?

STRAIC is a leading App Development Company in Chandigarh with the best expertise and a wealth of experience in different industries. We create all type of mobile app according to clients requirements. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients from our expert team who have good experience in mobile app development. STRAIC focuses on delivering excellent design and crafted app development services for the growth of the business.

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How App Development Company in Chandigarh Works in App Development?

Thinking of Perfect Design

The App Development in STRAIC is a strategic process that builds the right mobile product and drives better business outcomes in their growth. Our suggestions to clients help them in defining goals and prioritizing the app features.

App Development

Our team has specialized in Android and iOS app development for mobiles. They have a great experience in delivering the complicated and exciting mobile app solutions which help in the growth of a business. We provide best app solutions from better idea to app launch and its maintenance.

How  Company  Works in App Development?
Mobile App Development

Our Enquiry Services

Our App consulting services help you to improve your market, business demands, and scale mobile apps. We design our services in such a way that help you effectively in leveraging the development of the app to drive the growth of the business.

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App Development Services Provided by App Development Company in Chandigarh:

Android App Development Company in Chandigarh

STRAIC is a top Android app development company in Chandigarh which develops Android applications for a leading organization, brands, and start-up companies. We also have an Android app development company in Mohali, delivering excellent services. Our expert team has a better knowledge of C, C++, CSS, Java, and HTML to develop Andriod apps for Tablets and Smartphones. We develop a mobile app for all categories of Google Play Store.
We understand our responsibility as best Android App Development company in Chandigarh and also give creative outputs to our clients. We do our best to develop an Android App and provide security features in our developed apps.

The Android App Development Services provided by us:

  1. Native Android App Development
  2. Android Web-Based Services
  3. Android UI/UX Design
  4. Android App Testing
  5. Android App Consultation
App Development Services


iOS App Development Company in Chandigarh

STRAIC also develop iOS app for iPad and iPhone users. Our expert team has excellent experience and in-depth technical knowledge to build iPhone apps for businesses which help them to stay in a competitive market. We design, develop, and launch iOS apps in iPhone app development services.

The iOS App Development Services provided by us:

  1. Native iOS App Development
  2. iOS App UI/UX Designing
  3. Custom iOS App Development
  4. iOS App Testing

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Areas for which App Development Company in Chandigarh Build App Development Solutions

STRAIC build Mobile App Development Solutions for several areas like:





Social Network


Finance, etc.

Look at Most Important Part:

Our App Development Team

Development of a mobile app takes a lot of time and concentration to meet clients requirements. Our App Development team ensures that resulting mobile app is excellent. The App Developer team of STRAIC have proficient experts who has appropriate skills to develop efficient mobile apps. The developer team of STRAIC provides 24*7 support as well as maintenance.


Our Team
App Development Process

Process of Development of Application in App Development Company in Chandigarh

Requirement Analysis

In this step, we know our client and their requirements. After that, we propose an appropriate solution for App development to them.


In designing, we create a blueprint structure and design app according to it.


In this, we do coding of the app and layout the main sections.


In testing, we test the app and make it bug-free.


How we Create Innovative

How we Create Innovative and Fantastic App as Best App Development Company in Chandigarh?

We create the attractive design of a mobile app that is developed by us. When we develop any mobile app using the Android and iOS platform, then we design it by using stunning ideas and colors. It increases the users to download that app which presents the growth in the business.

The strategy that we follow to create a Mobile App:

  1. We build user-friendly mobile apps
  2. Icons placed accurately
  3. Build Mobile Apps according to requirements of customers
  4. Use simple interface
  5. Use UI/UX design to engage users in developed apps

Know More Points that make us best:

Strength of STRIAC that makes it Best App Development Company in Chandigarh

The app which is design and develops by us create interaction, engagement, and build brand loyalty. We provide bug-free and authentically designed tested app to our clients. Our created apps make life easy, and through these apps people can save time.

  1. Experienced App Developers
  2. On-Time App Development
  3. Provides Guaranteed Results
  4. Provide World Class User Interface Designers

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 STRIAC  Best App Development Company

Why Choose Us?

STRAIC is the best App Development Company in Chandigarh, which is creating an engaging mobile app to build strong and long-lasting relationships with its clients.   We are providing superior mobile app development services with unique functionality and high-quality design at an affordable cost to our clients in a highly competitive market. Our app development solutions fulfills the desired functionality and requirements of our clients. Moreover, we provide test cases, guide of installation of app and user guide with an app for the convenience of our clients.

High-Quality Apps
We perform quality assurance measures to assure the perfect condition of the app before launching in the market.

Works on Latest Technologies
We work on latest technologies while developing an app and update the features in it.

Free Consultation
Clients can contact us anytime and can discuss their rough plan according to which they want their app will work. Our team will answer all queries of clients.

Flexible Price
We charge for app design from our clients according to their convenience.

We create transparency with our clients and update them about their project progress during the app development process.

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